Monday, February 4, 2008

Eclipse User Group Sweden Formed

I am happy to announce that a Swedish Eclipse User Group has been formed, and that there is a site where Eclipse users and developers can share ideas and experiences in Swedish. So, if you can communicate in Swedish you are very welcome to The Swedish Eclipse User Group - membership is free. The idea to start this group grew out of the Stockholm Eclipse Demo Camp in December. This especially for developers that develop plug-ins for Eclipse, or write RCP applications. After Eclipse Demo Camp, the word started to spread, and we (myself and Peer Törngren) got in touch with other groups (or rather other individuals) that also had been thinking about forming a Swedish Eclipse User group. We decided to have very low formality, open to all attitude, no membership fees, etc. as none of the involved was particularly keen on handling the administration. Thanks to Cloudsmith for donating time to set this up, Mainloop AB, for donating the hosting of the site, and the Danish User Group for valuable input regarding running a user group. Special thanks to Peer Törngren (Cognos) for actively spreading the word - the group would not have formed without his initiative, and Patrik Tennberg (Nordea) for more contacts, ideas, and last but not least a promise to supply the conferencing facilities for the groups next meeting.

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