Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I got some questions about publishing to an update site using Eclipse Spaces and that the produced site seems to be broken as the URL produces a 404 not found. And since others may hit the same snag, I thought it best to explain.  This is caused by the update site URL not being  browseable. To see something in a browser you must append a "/" (or /index.html, depending on our browser) - you should then see an index page. Also, if feeding the URL to the Update Manager, or to "Import > Spaces" - it should work fine. The AOL xdrive HTTP publishing does not allow browsing of folders, you have to know the exact URLs. But this is enough for the update manager and imports to find what it needs. You can also try THEURL/site.xml to see the URLs to the other files. If anyone wants to talk live, you can contact the spaces team on irc.mainloop.net channel #spaces, or skype me at henrik.lindberg.

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