Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Scramling to get your update site ready for EclipseCon?

Creating an update site to share your sample code and tutorials is a good way of distributing your talk material to your audience. In the Eclipse Spaces project we are providing a way to quickly create an update site in an AOL Xdrive. A cool feature (we think) in Spaces is that it also publishes links to source for the bundles you publish. The Spaces "Importer" can import binaries and source and can look up missing bundles without the user having to enter the right remote update sites. The dependencies as they are set up when publishing is saved and used when importing. We think it is pretty neat, and hope this will help you deliver your matieral in a convenient way for your audience. Some speakers have tried this out already. The instructions for how to use spaces are found at (and you can also see my earlier blog posting on the spaces topic). There is however one problem - AOL has fraud detection turned on that checks the validity of the phone number and zip code which makes it difficult for non US users (and anyone that does not care to reveal their phone number). Instead of going to, or to register, you can go to as it does not require a phone number. As an alternative, here is a phone number that works 310 123 456, and you can use the zip code 90120. Also, if you like to try out spaces and need some help (with xdrive signup or anything else) you find us at, channel "spaces" - we try to be online there as much as possible. See you at EclipseCon...

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